Need to Reach Us?

We’d love to hear from you! For press, feedback or general inquires, please email us at litsy AT

What types of things should I post?

The best way to gather ideas of what to post is to browse Litsy. Our users post everything from photos of book covers, to favorite passages, to author readings, to non-book related images that evoke the feeling of a specific quote. We see selfies with books, libraries, movie stills, and cover designs. Have fun with your posts! There’s no wrong way to express what you’re reading.

Do I have to post a picture?

No! You will always have the option to include a photo with your posts, but skipping this is fine, too. Sometimes simplicity wins.

When will Litsy be available for Android and on the web?

The good news is that we have both of these on our list. We want everyone to be able to join the conversation on Litsy. Unfortunately, given limited resources, we decided it was best to focus on one platform to start before spreading ourselves too thin across multiple platforms and not delivering the best experience for Litsy users.

What’s the difference between a Review and a Blurb?

A Review will prompt you to rate your overall experience with a book using our Litsy rating system (Pick, So-So, Pan, or Bail), and should be used once you’re finished with a book. A Blurb is a general comment—it can be used for anything and everything. Have thoughts while you’re reading? Want to post a picture of a page you love? Are you excited about seeing an author read from the book? Blurb it!

How do I find a book and add it to my stack?

 The first way you can find a book is to use the Search feature to access our book database. Once you select a book, you will be able to read a summary of that book, view Litsy user posts about the book, and have an option to add the book to your Stack (Read, To read, or Now reading).

The second way is through your friends and influencers. Since every post is directly attached to a book, you can save the title to your “To Read,” “Reading” or “Read” stack directly from that post.

If I’ve read a book in my stack, how do I mark it as Read?

Once you’ve Reviewed a book in a post, that book will automatically be moved to your Read stack. You can also add a book to your “Read” stack wherever you see the “Stack” icon.

How do I change my username?

Simply visit your user settings on your profile page and tap your existing username. This will activate the keyboard, and you will be allowed to make your change.

Can I edit a posts and comments?

To edit your post, go to your home feed and tap on the three dots in the lower right of your post. From these options, select “Edit post.”

To delete a comment you made, go to the full list of comments, tap on the comment itself, and select “Delete” from the list of options.

How do I build my Litfluence?

Litfluence comprises a combination of likes on your post, the number of comments you’ve received, and how many of your books other users have stacked after seeing your posts. Your Litfluence page will also show you fun facts like how many books and pages you’ve read.

Why does my Litfluence start at 42?

42 is the Answer to the Ultimate Question of Life, The Universe and Everything (we’re big fans of The Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy). Plus, we like the sound of 42 better than 0.

Is Litfluence competitive?

It’s not meant to be, no. We found this quantitative data fun, and we hope you do, too!

Ok, I’m sold. How can I invite everyone I know?

 This icon on the top left of your screen will allow you to invite friends via email or text message. You can also link to our site, or to Litsy on the App Store. Litsy is the most fun when you have friends with whom to engage, so don’t be shy!